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Jun 2016
Robert Francis
Jun 20 2016 14:45
Hey @davies147 . We are still having a little issue with #82.
Would you be able to take a quick look at it for us please?
also @bengesoff and @peterw8102
Robert Francis
Jun 20 2016 15:44
hi @davies147. I got your first response asking which compnay we were putting in but I haven't had anything since. I just wanted to check and see if you responsed again as you said that you were using email
Steve Davies
Jun 20 2016 16:37

Hi all, for the purposes of rationalising API key(s) in use, can I suggest using an API key of 'i7e6i7ebtkueyb5fqi347wfrtuwk' for this project. It associates with the 'FMC Polling' use in the default company, and has access to both 'default' and 'testcompany' companies. It has rights to call-recording-lists, call-rec file downloads and to extension numbers.

We should probably remove the extraneous users of 'FAC Admin', 'Login Name' and 'FAC Admin2' from the system once all other API keys have been purged.

Happy to remove them - just let me know that you're happy that the new key does everything OK :)