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May 2017
Sylvain Corlay
May 09 2017 13:16
Hi @all I am seeking some help to promote the pydata paris inaugural meetup! Please retweet! (I don't have so many followers)
May 09 2017 18:23
@SylvainCorlay : could u plz translate to english as well?
I get the gist but my japanese and spanish training do not allow me to pick up details. thanks!
Sylvain Corlay
May 09 2017 18:45

Hey @JamiesHQ the exact trnslation would be

"Participate in the @ PyData meetup on may 17th with @ teoliphant and @ GaelVaoriquaux #python #bigdata."

which would not sound very idiomatic in English :)

This tweet was written by a staffer from Systematic, which is a non-profit animating the local tech ecosystem.
They have more followers than me, especially in the area.