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Sep 2014
Kyle Kelley
Sep 05 2014 00:39
HipChat is a graveyard now
We're all here now
Damian Avila
Sep 05 2014 00:56
Damian Avila
Sep 05 2014 16:35
Hey people, some question from people here... is there any way to set up ipython profiles system-wide?
Min RK
Sep 05 2014 18:17
@ellisonbg #6408
Matthias Bussonnier
Sep 05 2014 19:03
@damianavila probably in /usr/share ? but not sure.
Nicholas Bollweg
Sep 05 2014 19:06
howdy, folks. any insight into reusing the casper stuff for a custom widget package?
just updated cookiecutter-ipython-widget to be more like 3.0, and wanted to raise my game a bit...
Matthias Bussonnier
Sep 05 2014 19:07
Hum, we are on reunion for the all day, and it's more the expertise of @jdfreder which is not here today.
I would suggest opening an issue for that maybe, we will probably not respond for the next week or so with the plan for 3.0