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Oct 2014
Sylvain Corlay
Oct 04 2014 00:29
Isn't it specific to an install? I could have multiple kernels registered with a single language like python2 with names like anaconda1, anaconda2, system, which are irrelevant to anyone who does not share my install.
While when skipping the display name, you could just have a "default" kernel (or none) per language.
It seems gitter skipped the first part of my message. Which was:
@takluyver is there a reason to keep the display name in the notebook format?
Matthias Bussonnier
Oct 04 2014 17:18
Chrome does not want me to work.
Capture d’écran 2014-10-04 à 18.27.12.png
Thomas Kluyver
Oct 04 2014 18:25
I think Min saw something like that too. Are you on one of the unstable channels?
Matthias Bussonnier
Oct 04 2014 18:37
No , 39. it was working this morning.
I'll reboot at some time.
safari works for now.
Min RK
Oct 04 2014 19:13
39 is dev
it's a bug in Chrome 39 flexbox, the've fixed in in Canary. I would expect it to be fixed in the next Chrome 39 build.
Matthias Bussonnier
Oct 04 2014 19:21
Oh, ok, I din't paid attention I was on dev on this machine.
Sylvain Corlay
Oct 04 2014 20:50
Jon had exactly the same bug yesterday.
Xenakis D.
Oct 04 2014 22:44
Guys may i ask.. can there be mulitple users on a notebook server?
Xenakis D.
Oct 04 2014 23:06
of course with different accounts and working simulately on each private project of theirs
im interested in setuping a server for my university where all students will have their own accounts and work on their notebooks instances
any ideas on how i should approach such thing?
if this server is public and hosted on a shared one online, i thing i might find difficulties.
Maybe a dedicated small server running locally would do the trick easier?
sorry for my lame english and thx for your time :)