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Oct 2014
Jason Grout
Oct 24 2014 18:00
All's quiet on the Western Front
jasongrout @jasongrout couldn't resist the pun
jasongrout @jasongrout strictly talking about the chat activity here
jdfreder @jdfreder sighs
damianavila @damianavila was going back home from a conf... 14 hs trip (and w/o connectivity) :tired_face:
Thomas Kluyver
Oct 24 2014 21:27
@jdfreder (and anyone else) - do we have a naming convention for success/error callback parameters? The Contents.js PR uses success_callback & error_callback, but those feel too long to me. jQuery uses success/error, and I've also seen callback/errback somewhere.
Jonathan Frederic
Oct 24 2014 21:28
We don't have a convention as of now, but success and error has my vote.
Or success and failure
Thomas Kluyver
Oct 24 2014 21:29
I think that's my preference as well
I'd go with success and error, so it's exactly consistent with jQuery.ajax
that's what we do in kernel.js at least