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Nov 2014
Andreas Klostermann
Nov 08 2014 12:09
@PBrockmann , I haven't done anything with this, so I might be wrong, but if you have javascript code for a codemirror extension, you should probably just use display.display_javascript to put it on the page
Nov 08 2014 17:56
i’m trying to export a notebook to pdf, but i’m having troubles .. the notebook is rendered ok in nbviewer, but nbconvert fail to convert it to pdf
the first error was about latex equation, i had some “intext” equation using the syntax $latex expression$ .. i had to change it to a centered expression with latexexpression
oh! .. gitter render latex .. nice, i meant the double $
fixed this the next issue is with images in a markdown cell
Nov 08 2014 18:03
if i use the syntax : <img src="/files/image.png" align="center" height="400" width="300">
<center>Figure.1 - title </center>
the pdf is generated but the image is not rendered
only the caption is visualized in the pdf
while if i use the markdown syntax : alt text
![alt text](/path/to/img.jpg "Title”)
Nov 08 2014 18:09
Nov 08 2014 18:21
should I open issues for this or is something wrong on my side ?