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Nov 2014
Nov 10 2014 00:01
Thank you guys for all you hard and original work on all this tool!
from last week we have a jupiter server running inside the firewall at my uni ;)
so now when I have assignments .. i can give them a notebook asnd tell the prof .. drug’n’drop it here to see it
(i still have to attach a hard-paper copy) becouse they’re always skeptical .. that’s why i want try to debug the pdf rendering
Andreas Klostermann
Nov 10 2014 07:17
PDF rendering is a sore point for me, too. To my knowledge there still isn't a satisfactory open source implementation of print-related CSS 3 features. PhantomJS has all sorts of problems, and PrinceXML is expensive.
Jason Grout
Nov 10 2014 15:07
@jdfreder: I'll try to look at it sometime today. Can you post a summary of what you've found and what the current clearest statement of the problem is up on the PR?
Jonathan Frederic
Nov 10 2014 17:13
@jasongrout sure
Jason Grout
Nov 10 2014 17:50
@jdfreder: it sounds like you're pretty sure that the problems are in the test frameworks?
or how we are using the test frameworks?
Jonathan Frederic
Nov 10 2014 18:15
To run the tests against PhantomJS iptest js/widgets
for slimer iptest js/widgets --slimerjs
Yes I haven't been able to replicate the problem in Chrome
Jonathan Frederic
Nov 10 2014 18:22
but I'm not comfortable writing it off as "a problem with the tests" until I'm sure it is. If it is, I'd like to be able to solve the problem instead of removing the corresponding tests.
Jonathan Frederic
Nov 10 2014 19:14
@jasongrout I just got the slimerjs tests to work!
checking PhantomJS now...
aww PhantomJS still will not pass...
I'm going to try updating Phantom to see if that's the problem.
@jasongrout I pushed the code that get's the slimerjs test to pass
Jason Grout
Nov 10 2014 20:17
@jdfreder: cool! I just posted a comment about your code
Jonathan Frederic
Nov 10 2014 20:19
awesome, I'll go check it out
I'm just grinding through the other tests, making them display async safe
so at least they'll pass slimer
@jasongrout responded to your comment