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Nov 2014
Nov 11 2014 01:22
@minrk i’m tring to use a template for nbconver, what i’m tring to do is to add a template that will “use this solution “ to add images from an url
i know the use of wget directly can be really bad .. but i tought it is a simple solution
essentially the template sghpuld do :
\write18{wget} and then
Nov 11 2014 01:35
basically i should study ‘style_ipython.tplx’ and extend it using something like :
i’m looking on “where” the includegraphics latex instruction is used .. but i can’t find it. i was looking here :
Nov 11 2014 01:48
also .. now when i di a gist of notebooks using hml with path to a file, the image is no more embedded in the notebook anymore
i tried both html and markdown, the images are not in the gist. it works only for url then .. but the url are notundersood by the pdf/latex export
Nov 11 2014 15:30
@minrk where is called, in nbconvert src code, the instruction command “pandoc” with —options ?
i was wondering if i can change it from latex to context
seems that context is capable to include graphics from url
from i can see pandoc gas “context” option, and from this : looks like context support syntax like : \externalfigure[]
Nov 11 2014 16:52
i tested in the notebook a markdown syntax like : ![image test]( generate a proper picture, the same syntax converted with pandoc to ConText generate this code : \placefigure{image test}{\externalfigure[]} that used in this tex file
compiled with : context test2.tex generate a proper pdf
hi @jdfreder i saw that file, i was looking on ‘where’ it is called from nbconvert. so that i can try to change the outout from latex to context
is it just the input to nbconver ? from coomand line
i checked nbconvert --to doesn’t include context as output
the search in gihub is great :)
i’ll try to add a markdown2context following markdown2latex
Nov 11 2014 17:39
i update my ipython fork and added the new function , now i was looking on the code that is executed when latex is selected. i’m sure is not so simple .. but i guess i should work on … trying to add new methods for the option ‘context’ ? at least context is installed as default with mactex (no extra dep involved and is available on apt-get)
maybe adding context_command like latex_command and run_context like run_latex
(if that was correct) I’m lost on what’s next