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Nov 2014
Kyle Kelley
Nov 16 2014 00:15
Well, docker-notebook is kind of a silly one
because they're just the base images for stuff
If they want to though, it's not like there's much to figure out about it
I do have a notebook setup I want to try soon though:
  • Minimal ipython+miniconda image
  • Provide accepted VOLUME entrypoints for conda environments
So that if upgrading packages for a user, you don't have to interrupt their running kernels
Only have to upgrade the running notebook server if upgrading IPython itself (which is normal)
Thomas Kluyver
Nov 16 2014 00:26
is there another repo that it would make more sense to point people at? I haven't been paying very close attention to the Docker stuff.
Kyle Kelley
Nov 16 2014 00:37
jupyter/tmpnb has the insta-launch stuff
I left some README polishing to someone else who ran through it all and had feedback
Haven't seen that come in yet
All the docker stuff is in jupyter/dockerspawner, jupyter/tmpnb, ipython/docker-notebook
Well, and the assorted Dockerfiles across the repos
Thomas Kluyver
Nov 16 2014 00:45
OK, I'll switch in tmpnb instead of docker-notebook
and point them to the others if they're especially keen on that area
Remi Rampin
Nov 16 2014 21:10
Can I link to a specific cell of the nbviewer?
Thomas Kluyver
Nov 16 2014 21:27
I don't think that's possible at present