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Dec 2014
Kyle Kelley
Dec 25 2014 00:54
Kernel isn't connecting with jskernel for me, @minrk
Min RK
Dec 25 2014 01:17
@rgbkrk using IPython master?
Needs some pretty recent changes.
What do you see in js, server logs?
Kyle Kelley
Dec 25 2014 01:35
Yeah, completely updated IPython master. The js console was devoid of anything really and is what prompted me to open minrk/jskernel#2
I'll pull it up again now
[I 18:35:34.992 NotebookApp] Kernel started: a3387289-6e0c-4cf1-9d78-945ff757a46b
[W 18:35:35.034 NotebookApp] 404 GET /kernelspecs/jskernel/logo-64x64.png (::1) 9.53ms referer=http://localhost:8888/notebooks/Untitled1.ipynb?kernel_name=jskernel
[W 18:35:45.023 NotebookApp] Timeout waiting for kernel_info reply from a3387289-6e0c-4cf1-9d78-945ff757a46b
Zachary Jones
Dec 25 2014 05:24

I noticed today working in master, that any new notebook I create or copy has permissions 0o600 and ignores my umask. In uses mkstemp() to create a temporary file for the atomic write. According to the python docs, mkstemp creates files as 0o600.

After the write succeeds to the tmp file, _copy_metadata is called to copy the metadata from the original file to destination file. It will throw an exception if there is no source file. Thus when the notebook is copied into the notebook dir, it has permissions 0o600.

Is this desired behavior, temporary, or a bug? I work in an environment where are default permissions are 0o660 to allow for users to easily share information, so defaulting new notebooks to 0o600 seriously inhibits this ability.