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Jan 2015
Kyle Kelley
Jan 01 2015 01:38
Tis ok, was just a mini call
Fernando Perez
Jan 01 2015 02:45
Happy New Year to @all!!
Jan 01 2015 12:43
hi, i would like to start contributing to ipython. can anyone please tell me if there is any open issues i could start fixing?
Matthias Bussonnier
Jan 01 2015 18:16
hi @elitalobo, sorry for the delay to respond. First happy new year. IF you want to look at potentially easy issues you can have a look at otherwise if you need any advice, just add a message on an issue you would like to tackle, and we will guide you or tell you if we think it is too difficult ! Looking forward to your contribution. Feel free to bother us with question
Kyle Kelley
Jan 01 2015 20:00
Happy New Year @all!