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Jan 2015
Andreas Klostermann
Jan 10 2015 10:26
I feel I have solved this problem a million times now, but I am still running into it. I added an IPython notebook Dockerfile to another project, but when I run the notebook there, the Kernel keeps crashing with no useful debugging output. It just restarts 5 times before giving up. I tried -d, -t, -ti etc, I used different modes of execution (CMD, bash -c, sh -c, shellscript), any idea what I might try on top of this?
Andreas Klostermann
Jan 10 2015 10:38
probably a case of "multiple ipython syndrome"
Kyle Kelley
Jan 10 2015 13:36
Dockers pseudo exec and IPython aren't playing well together
@akloster Your options for a successful run are:
  • `docker run -it akloster/ipyexample sh -c "ipython notebook --args..."
  • In the Dockerfile, writing it as CMD ipython notebook args...., not the [] form
Right now this is reported as ipython/ipython#7062
Andreas Klostermann
Jan 10 2015 14:02
@rgbkrk thank you, the "sh -c" worked. I thought I had tried that before...