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Jan 2015
Michael Goerz
Jan 25 2015 02:50
Lifting the lock would be slightly trickier, though.
Jan 25 2015 14:17
hi, a small question. Does Ipython still require "pyreadline" on windows ?
Jan 25 2015 14:32
(there is still this page, so I'm not sure:
Jan 25 2015 14:41
(apparently yes, found in 2.3 code, but no sure if it is used)
Thomas Kluyver
Jan 25 2015 18:45
I think it will run without it, but IPython in the terminal is so bad without readline that we consider it a dependency.
Sylvain Corlay
Jan 25 2015 19:35
Guys, vote for this icon :) FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#3016
It is really missing in font-awesome
Sylvain Corlay
Jan 25 2015 19:43
Yeah, I saw it. Although they have one for github for example.
Jan 25 2015 20:06
@takluyver 'in the terminal ' , so no issue under qt console nor notebook ?
Min RK
Jan 25 2015 21:39
@stonebig No issue there, only the terminal uses readline.