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Feb 2015
Jessica B. Hamrick
Feb 22 2015 00:25
Is it possible to specify values for a List traitlet on the command line?
Or can they only be configured through a config file?
Thomas Kluyver
Feb 22 2015 01:02
@jhamrick I think you can specify on the command line if you get the quoting right
something like ipython "[1, 2, 3]" maybe
or ipython "[1, 2, 3]"
I know we've had problems with strings getting evaled when people really wanted the string before...
Matthias Bussonnier
Feb 22 2015 01:07
@fperez no but Emma (who did R at Rackspace booth) know people working at tesla.
So she will try to have them use Jupyter !
Jessica B. Hamrick
Feb 22 2015 01:14
@takluyver Yeah, I eventually figured it out trying a few different ways of quoting it
Thomas Kluyver
Feb 22 2015 01:16
Jonathan Frederic
Feb 22 2015 04:18 in case we ever need to let the notebook ping things. Maybe remote kernels ( @rgbkrk ) ?