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Mar 2015
Yuval Langer
Mar 08 2015 15:12 UTC
I am looking for a place I could casually talk about IPython / Jupyter, maybe an IRC channel. I gather that this place isn't casual chat?
Min RK
Mar 08 2015 18:57 UTC
Here is probably fine. There is an IRC channel, but usually no IPython devs are in it.
Kester Tong
Mar 08 2015 20:25 UTC
Hi everyone, I won't be attending in person as I have some cough that is going around. But I will try to VC in to the sessions with Fernando's help.
Min RK
Mar 08 2015 20:36 UTC
@KesterTong sorry to hear that. Hope you get better! We'll have an extra laptop and webcam to bring you in.
Thomas Kluyver
Mar 08 2015 21:47 UTC
we could borrow Saul...
(BIDS' new telepresence robot)