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Mar 2015
Mar 12 2015 14:22
hey guys -- i have a .ipynb file. i'd like to programatically launch a new ipython notebook server, have it open up this ,ipynb file and cells->run all. is that possible to do? I've checked out and thats closest i could find
Jessica B. Hamrick
Mar 12 2015 15:36
@jl45621 If you just want to execute it on the command line, then you can use nbconvert
ipython nbconvert --to notebook --execute --inplace myfile.ipynb
The —inplace flag is only on ipython master currently though, if you’re running 3.0 and not master you’d want to do:
ipython notebook --to notebook --execute myfile.ipynb --output myfile.ipynb
Jason Grout
Mar 12 2015 20:01
ah, I missed the sharing discussion.
Does the hackpad contain notes of yesterday's and today's discussions? It seems a bit light.
Min RK
Mar 12 2015 21:20
Sharing didn't come to much of a conclusion, it was mostly hashing out various models.
Jason Grout
Mar 12 2015 21:21
Jason Grout
Mar 12 2015 22:19
wow, over 10 repos! That is a lot to take care of!
Min RK
Mar 12 2015 22:44
it certainly is