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Apr 2015
Andrew Gibiansky
Apr 06 2015 00:51
I seem to have solved my issue with --NbConvertBase.default_language=haskell, but that warns that it's deprecated, and that there should be a language_info field in the metadata. But there doesn't seem to be such a field in any of my 3.0 notebooks...
Anthony Louis Burns, Esq.
Apr 06 2015 15:11
is it possible to give a barnstar on github
Jonathan Frederic
Apr 06 2015 16:50
Barnstar? lol
Min RK
Apr 06 2015 20:28
@gibiansky there should be language_info, populated from a kernel_info reply from the kernel.
Sylvain Corlay
Apr 06 2015 21:38
@minrk thanks for merging!