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Apr 2015
Andreas Klostermann
Apr 17 2015 10:17
and a sand-proof computer would be nice
Andreas Klostermann
Apr 17 2015 14:14
what I liked most about the OLPC specifications was that it was designed to be usable in the sun, mainly by being able to switch between the e-paper and TFT display
S. Chris Colbert
Apr 17 2015 14:15
@jasongrout @KesterTong if you are running from Phosphor master, the components module has been merged with virtualdom, and the code mirror support has been moved to the lib module:
@akloster that's pretty cool TIL
Jeff Hussmann
Apr 17 2015 14:33
is there any straightforward way to enable vim keybindings in v3.x of the notebook?