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Apr 2015
Kyle Kelley
Apr 25 2015 14:14
What's the IP[y] font?
I recall Brian talking about it at quantcon, but can't find any specifics on the long terms plans
Min RK
Apr 25 2015 18:09
@dalejung Karthik was joking. We have no intention of making an IDE.
Dale Jung
Apr 25 2015 18:42
oops. maybe Brian was just talking about enhanced multi window workspaces?
Min RK
Apr 25 2015 18:48
Yeah, we want to refactor a bit of our js/css so that it's easier to reuse individual components. That's all.
(and by 'a bit' I mean 'all')
That doesn't mean that what we make will be fancy multi-panel stuff, but we do want to make it easier to build such things.
We have several singleton assuptions (e.g. IPython.notebook) for convenience that mean you can only have one of a given thing on the page. Our CSS is also problematic in terms of allowing a notebook or cell as a panel in a larger application context.