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Apr 2015
Jaseem Abid
Apr 29 2015 06:39
General question. How is ipython able to maintain a session? As in variables from one input evaluation is available in the next. Can someone tell me how its done or point me to the relevant docs/code?
Jaseem Abid
Apr 29 2015 07:05
Scott Sanderson
Apr 29 2015 16:01
@jaseemabid the IPython kernel works more or less the same way the standard Python interpreter works: it maintains a namespace and sits in a loop waiting for input; when it gets input it evaluates it in the single shared namespace. The core logic for the actual code execution lives in the InteractiveShell class in
Kyle Kelley
Apr 29 2015 22:45
Where does ipython kernel live now?
Min RK
Apr 29 2015 22:50
Kyle Kelley
Apr 29 2015 22:55
oh... Is there an alternate way to launch a kernel, standalone, that I can access from a language other than Python?
I was hoping to use ipython kernel across languages
I'd like to consume messages in a separate node based client side app
Seems like I may need to build something custom to use jupyter_client.connect