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May 2015
Kyle Kelley
May 07 2015 16:10
This is the frontend javascript that O'Reilly wrote to work with kernels in their static-non-notebook view:
Jason Grout
May 07 2015 18:14
cool! It's like the sage cell server. The example pages give 404 errors...
Kyle Kelley
May 07 2015 18:24
Great post Matthias, enjoyed reading it!
Younggun Kim
May 07 2015 18:28
Wow! Awesome!
Jason Grout
May 07 2015 18:29
It seems Thebe only supports one kernel per page, I think.
(which seems also sufficient for their use-case)
Matthias Bussonnier
May 07 2015 18:35
@rgbkrk I did not wrote it alone :-) But thanks !
Jason Grout
May 07 2015 19:11
that's worthy of a HackerNews submission
Min RK
May 07 2015 19:24
@jasongrout If someone wants to, sure. I have HN blocked in my hosts file.
Jason Grout
May 07 2015 19:25
I should really probably block HN in my hosts file too... :)
Kyle Kelley
May 07 2015 19:29
I just go when someone tells me to check something out
Someone will submit and people may upvote it
It appears that the tmpnb for O'Reilly has fallen down
I haven't heard word from Andrew though
Could just be "full"
Scott Sanderson
May 07 2015 19:30
someone already submitted it
Kyle Kelley
May 07 2015 19:31
anyway, I'll actually try to nap off this cold