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May 2015
Thomas Kluyver
May 20 2015 01:46
@jasongrout yes, but it was quite short, because quite a few people were elsewhere
Koen van Besien
May 20 2015 02:53
hi guys about ipython/ipython#8444 to get started
I first fork ipython to my github
then branch it on my github
work on it
and then do a pull request towards ipython?
is that correct?
Blake Griffith
May 20 2015 03:05
Sounds right @koenvb
Koen van Besien
May 20 2015 05:08
Ok I a changed some things to add the --list parameter according to ipython/ipython#8444
I changed it in my branch
question is now, How can I test it now. Should I create an environment with for eg conda and then I am a bit stuck on what to install in it
(ipython_test):ipython koen$ pip list
decorator (3.4.2)
ipython-genutils (0.1.0)
pip (6.1.1)
pyexpect (1.0.13)
setuptools (16.0)
traitlets (4.0.0.dev0, /Users/koen/dev/ipython/src/traitlets)
(ipython_test)MBair-Koen:ipython koen$ python -m IPython
/Users/koen/anaconda/envs/ipython_test/bin/python: No module named pexpect; 'IPython' is a package and cannot be directly executed
Koen van Besien
May 20 2015 05:20
ok nevermind, its pexpect in stead of pyexpect ...
Koen van Besien
May 20 2015 05:49
ok I tested my change and created a pull request for issue #8444
ipython/ipython#8449 is the pull request
let me know if I did anything wrong or too quickly