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May 2015
Zaki Mughal [sivoais]
May 23 2015 20:50
Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but does IPython messaging work with the ZeroMQ 4.x branch? My reason for asking is that I'm trying to build libzmq on Windows and it looks like 4.x has some build improvements over 3.x. (I'm the IPerl dev, if that helps explain...).
Thomas Kluyver
May 23 2015 21:29
@zmughal As far as I know, yes, it should work fine. pyzmq on my computer is using zmq 4.0.5.
if you run into any problems, Min is the ZMQ expert.
Zaki Mughal [sivoais]
May 23 2015 21:50
@takluyver, thanks! I'll give it a try and report back. I'm seeing the same ZMQ version on my Anaconda install on Windows.
Min RK
May 23 2015 21:55
@zmughal yup, zmq 4 has been stable for some time, and is probably more commonly used with IPython than 3 at this point.
Plus, zmq4 is officially wire-compatible with zmq3, so there shouldn't be any issues.
Zaki Mughal [sivoais]
May 23 2015 22:04
OK, cool. Thanks! :-)