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Jul 2015
Jason Grout
Jul 02 2015 16:21
hey ryan, are you around?
Ryan Morshead
Jul 02 2015 16:40
@jasongrout Sorry for the delay, was away from my computer yesterday. My repo should be up by the end of today.
Jason Grout
Jul 02 2015 16:41
Sorry, I meant a different ryan. But cool, anyway. I look forward to seeing it.
no rush
Ryan Grout
Jul 02 2015 17:03
Hi, I'm here jason.
I was in a meeting.
Jason Grout
Jul 02 2015 17:06
You can ask your question here too.
Ryan Grout
Jul 02 2015 17:19
This message was deleted
Goal: Add a table of contents to Ipython Notebooks. Is there a common way of doing that?
Sylvain Corlay
Jul 02 2015 18:04
I don't think so but there was a long discussion on adding metadata to the notebook
(author, affiliations)
Should I add, license / copyright information
There is also ipython/ipython#1692
Ryan Grout
Jul 02 2015 18:32
calico tools looks like what I would like to do.
Ryan Grout
Jul 02 2015 19:09
Does ipython use mistune at all for markdown rendering?
Min RK
Jul 02 2015 19:31
for markdown to html, yes. Pandoc for other output formats.
Ryan Grout
Jul 02 2015 19:38
having a %%toc magic would be super nice (just generate a static TOC that is updated each time the notebook is saved).
Jul 02 2015 20:45
still working on packaging jupyter and ipytoh from master
.. i’m having trouble with the package “pickleshare"
it is looking for “path"
but i can’t find a package name “path"
this is python3.4.0
have you any clue ? this the log :
Răzvan Cosmin Rădulescu
Jul 02 2015 20:58
try pip3 install ?
don't know if this is the correct package though...
@epifanio, pip3 search gives me - A module wrapper for os.path
Jul 02 2015 22:12
thanks @razvanc87
i’ll try that
Carl Cochran
Jul 02 2015 23:50
Hello - I am using 4.0.0-dev, but I looked through the GitHub issues and did not see this addressed so perhaps it still has not been. I'm noticing that as I accumulate many notebooks and folders in my working directory, loading notebooks and creating new notebooks are very slow and they increasingly fail with a console error of "Load Timeout" for require.js. Adding a few logging print statements to the get method of IPython/html/services/contents/, it appears that just clicking through folders, and clicking on the window alone, actually reads the entire contents of every file in my working tree multiple times (_notebook_model is invoked with content=True). Has this ever been an issue before, or is it something that's been changed since my version?