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Jul 2015
Alejandro García Salas
Jul 05 2015 17:54
Hi, I am trying to run google's deepdream
but I don't know how to run it :(
so far
I've installed ipython
using pip
I feel the tutorial is not clear enough
I mean
the 'quickstart'
Jul 05 2015 18:07
i’m working on packaging the Jupyterhub and IPython for a linux distribution (as part of my GSoC project)
i made .deb for the following software :
plus the apt-get instruction
Jul 05 2015 18:12
but when I try to run the notebook i got :
is this because (maybe) i run the dpkg -i package-name.deb in a wrong sequence ?
ipython shell run fine fromm commandline
Jul 05 2015 18:18
have you ant clue ?
Jul 05 2015 18:32
if i run jupyterhub with ipython 3.2 i have this :
posting on jupyter channel as well