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Jul 2015
Jul 09 2015 08:57
Hi people, is there a place in the web, where me and my colleagues can collaborate in ipython console ? We'd like to have one session in console for 3-4 people
Dietmar Winkler
Jul 09 2015 09:08
Hi, ipython notebook format apparently now supports read-only notebooks but I couldn't find out how to set a notebook read-only. Any pointers?
I probably should have asked that in the ipython/help channel. Sorry going over there now.
Min RK
Jul 09 2015 14:28
@webdirect SageMathCloud
Jul 09 2015 15:00
can anyone help me to find the python-markdown.js file is talking about. I simply can't find it :(
oops just realized I'm in the wrong room, sorry guys!