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Jul 2015
Fernando Perez
Jul 11 2015 07:57
@/all it seems is returning a 503...
Min RK
Jul 11 2015 07:59
uh oh. Might be a recent deployment issue. Is it urgent?
I see the same.
Younggun Kim
Jul 11 2015 08:01
here too.
Kyle Kelley
Jul 11 2015 12:40
Didn't deploy anything new
aw crap
Alright, back up with a temporary old one while I get a new one up
Scott Sanderson
Jul 11 2015 16:05
I missed the morning orientation...where did ipython get assigned for sprints?
Stefan van der Walt
Jul 11 2015 16:24
Room 103!
Oh, sorry, that's skimage... wrong channel. But you can come and sprint with us too, if you want :)
Min RK
Jul 11 2015 17:01
He found us
Min RK
Jul 11 2015 17:41
@ssanderson You can use this requirements.txt
And those are in topological order, if you want to do manual clone && pip install -e . on each.
Răzvan Cosmin Rădulescu
Jul 11 2015 17:44
guys... question: would you say that users should move to jupyter now that it's out there instead of ipython? or still keep going with ipython, I'm a bit confused cause both repositories are being updated and worked on constantly...
Min RK
Jul 11 2015 17:44
Ah, found my script: develop-all-the-things
@razvanc87 both IPython and Jupyter continue to exist, so the rooms will continue to exist as well.
There will often be overlap of conversations.
Răzvan Cosmin Rădulescu
Jul 11 2015 17:49
I was looking through the ipython code for initiating communication with an existing kernel and saw that the ipython console for example has now a deprecation warning
unlike the normal python fan over here, I very much like working with the latest, I am quite surprised that the python community still works very much with v2.7, but anyway
I'm looking to create some neovim plugin and was wondering which is best to target at this point, jupyter, or ipython
by the way, is there any jupyter documentation out there? cause usually what I find in terms of documentation redirects me to the ipython web page
Scott Sanderson
Jul 11 2015 18:39
@minrk this ended up working for me:
set -e
test -d ipython || mkdir ipython
test -d jupyter || mkdir jupyter

source ~/.virtualenvs/jupyter/bin/activate
for repo in $repos; do
  org=$(python -c "print('$repo'.split('/')[0])")
  proj=$(python -c "print('$repo'.split('/')[1])")
  pushd $org
  test -d $proj || git clone "$gh:$myname/$proj.git"
  pushd $proj
  git remote add upstream "$gh:$org/$proj.git" || true # Fails if upstream already exists.
  git fetch --all
  git checkout master
  git reset --hard upstream/master
  git push origin master -f
  pip install -e .
Fernando Perez
Jul 11 2015 19:10
@razvanc87, we're just getting started, but this is what we have: