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Jul 2015
Steven Silvester
Jul 13 2015 12:49
@emjotde, not that quick per se, but you can close all of the live figures by hand.
Vita V
Jul 13 2015 18:14
HI! where can I download the datasets from try.jupyter,org?
Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt
Jul 13 2015 19:28
@blink1073 Thanks, I was thinking of some programmatic way, a modification of nbconvert somewhere? I am modifying IPython in my own fork and would be thankful for some tips where to start looking. I am seeing that with 'notebook' matplotlib seems to be creating some text/javascript objects, but there's a png picture hidden inside that.
Steven Silvester
Jul 13 2015 19:29
@emjotde, sorry, I don’t have any experience with nbconvert.