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Jul 2015
Remi Rampin
Jul 26 2015 15:13
So, the IPython kernel and IPython engine (for parallel) are unrelated?
I assumed engine was built on top of kernel but that doesn't seem to be the case
I basically want to send work to different processes and the parallel stuff looked like a good fit (although I don't need most of the complexity or convenience that's in there, i.e. the scheduling/views/...), but using it I lose the ability to send work to kernels for different languages, which was an attractive prospect
I could use kernel directly but I don't know how easy it is to send stuff over the socket (other than code and interactive output)
Min RK
Jul 26 2015 18:32
@remram44 no, they are the same object. The only difference is in the startup process, which changes the the connection direction. However, IPython.parallel relies on a couple of messages added to the message specification that are not language agnostic. For this reason, IPython.parallel is really an IPython project, and not a Jupyter project, where we have moved the language agnostic pieces of IPython. There are no plans to bring support for other kernels to IPython.parallel, because that would require language-agnostic function and object serialization, which cannot be done in a reasonably efficient way (most people end up at JSON, which only works for trivial cases).