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Aug 2015
Kyle Kelley
Aug 08 2015 00:35
By old mail server, you mean Enthought's server for
This is why we switched over to Google Groups
Aaron Meurer
Aug 08 2015 01:38
I was getting that from a google search
I guess redirects were never set up?
Kyle Kelley
Aug 08 2015 01:41
That server falls down all the time.
It's out of our control....
Thomas Kluyver
Aug 08 2015 01:42
our ipython mailing lists are still on that server
they're working on improving its uptime, but the process seems to be sloooooooooow
Sylvain Corlay
Aug 08 2015 04:38
I would be really interested in augmenting the comm protocol with the ability to handle request/reply messages when the request originates from the front-end.
The idea would be to register (unique) request handlers by key (corresponding to the request type). The request handler would return the content of the reply message.
Sylvain Corlay
Aug 08 2015 04:43


request_handlers['state_request'] = compute_state_reply

where compute_state_reply returns the data to be put in the reply message.

however, these would have to use the shell channel.