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Aug 2015
Aug 14 2015 03:55
wondering if rendering of notebooks v4 is going to be supported at GitHub? Where is their source for nb conversion?
Ref: for rendering notebook v3 support at GitHub:
Min RK
Aug 14 2015 04:35
GitHub renders v4 notebooks.
Matt Craig
Aug 14 2015 18:02
What is the best way to specify installation requirements in for a package that supports widgets in both ipython 3 and IPython 4 (ipywidgets)? Am currently leaning towards IPython>=3 and hoping for the best :)
Min RK
Aug 14 2015 21:39
@mwcraig unfortunately, I think setuptools doesn't have a way to support 'X or Y' dependency, so I think you are doing it right.
Matt Craig
Aug 14 2015 21:40
Ok, thanks!
K.-Michael Aye
Aug 14 2015 21:56
conda released ipython 4 and jupyter today, btw.