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Aug 2015
Andreas Klostermann
Aug 15 2015 10:47
it depends... the standard distributions from the website contain their own lobotomized Python distributions. It is possible to build Blender to link to the system Python, then I can compile stuff for it. Otherwise it is difficult to match the exact binary API
Sam Liu
Aug 15 2015 12:19
when are you going to update ipython in
Aug 15 2015 17:51
curious situation on windows: "jupyter qtconsole" fails with a "jupyter: 'qtconsole' is not a Jupyter command"
and the "jupyter --help" suggests that optional commands are "qtconsole" , "notebook.exe" (.exe ?)
Min RK
Aug 15 2015 19:55
arg, more things to hate on Windows. Will fix when I get the chance.