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Aug 2015
Aug 22 2015 11:42
When I run tests locally, I get a bunch of errors like:
+ValueError: Running file '/tmp/tmp43qwa3dp/' produced error: '/home/naught101/miniconda3/envs/ipythondev/bin/python: No module named IPython\n'
when I run python and import IPython, it works fine. Anyone have any idea why that might be?
Aug 22 2015 11:48
@Carreau: I hate mailing lists. I'm happy to wait :)
maybe I just need to get up early ;)
Matthias Bussonnier
Aug 22 2015 13:33
@naught101 git clone: Yes, pip install -e . make a dev install where your clone becaommes what is seen by python and you only have to pull, or code. (mmight need to recompile JS)
How do you run test ? $ iptest ? try to do that from outside the source tree.
It might be a naconda thing.