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Aug 2015
Min RK
Aug 25 2015 06:10
At the Python level? You can set the log_level: kernel_manager.log.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)
Andrew Gibiansky
Aug 25 2015 20:52
What is the right way to access cm_config now? I'm getting the message "accessing cm_config directly is deprecated" and "IPython.CodeCell.options_default['cm_config']['mode'] = 'ihaskell';" doesn't seem to work
Actually, running that in the browser works, just not in kernel.js...
Andrew Gibiansky
Aug 25 2015 22:25
Any ideas?
It seems like anything IPython.CodeCell.options_default is being overridden from the values set in kernel.js as of 4.0
Ugh, I wish the JS API stabilized and was documented already, dealing with this and frustrated users on every release is a nightmare
@Carreau You originally helped write this kernel.js, any ideas?
Brian E. Granger
Aug 25 2015 23:42
We have tried to communicate to the community that the JS API is not stable. Unfortunately, it will continue to evolve in even more significant ways for a while.