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Aug 2015
Remi Rampin
Aug 28 2015 16:17
Who executes the magics? They get sent to the kernel verbatim?
And second question, how does the notebook choose a kernelspec when opening a notebook?
Jason Grout
Aug 28 2015 16:25
the notebook includes the kernel name in the metadata. If it doesn't, a default kernel is used.
Remi Rampin
Aug 28 2015 16:28
I see
hmm I upgraded and I'm now getting 500 error when trying to start a PY3 kernel :/
oh maybe ~/.ipython is no longer the right place
Remi Rampin
Aug 28 2015 16:39
Hmm, the "trust notebook" option is disabled, and I don't see a signature in the .ipynb file. Did that go away?
Kyle Kelley
Aug 28 2015 16:41
The signature is in a database now to help with version control of notebooks
Trust notebook should still be around though...
File -> Trust Notebook
Screenshot 2015-08-28 11.44.49.png