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Sep 2015
Damian Avila
Sep 16 2015 00:14
@akhmerov not missing anything... I think both things are valuable, a "notebook"-like view of the slides and also a non-notebook-like one... if we want to provide one of them I will choose the notebook-like one... but maybe we can provide both in nbconvert itself... I would be OK to have a non-notebook like option in nbconvert itself, but also I would be -1 to not have the notebook like slides... also, the notebook-like view is far from perfect and need to be formatted to be more "presentationy" but keeping the general idea of the notebook, starting with bigger fonts by defaults, less waste of horizontal space, etc...
Vasco Tenner
Sep 16 2015 09:25

Is the ipython-dev mailing list still in use? I get errors: (expanded from
unknown user: ""

Min RK
Sep 16 2015 09:48
It is, but sometimes there are errors with the server. We will let the hosts know.
Anton Akhmerov
Sep 16 2015 12:18
@damianavila I'm quite OK with a plain reveal not being in nbconvert proper, but I've had about enough time spent on trying to find workarounds to e.g. jupyter/nbconvert#43, that I'm start believing that a plain presentation template is an effort that would pay off. I see for example that reveal.js supports github markdown. Do you know if this option is good enough for jupyter markdown?
Damian Avila
Sep 16 2015 13:25
@akhmerov github mardown is on top of marked, so... I guess it would work in general terms, although there is always the possibility of a mismatch...
Anton Akhmerov
Sep 16 2015 14:30
Thanks. Do you also know if reveal.js allows to combine markdown with html within the same <section>?
Sylvain Corlay
Sep 16 2015 14:59
@ellisonbg what do you think of the proposal the 'type' argument in the change notifications?
Last item in ipython/traitlets#48.
Brian E. Granger
Sep 16 2015 15:38
@SylvainCorlay not quite following
The last thing I see there is the change -> **change discussion
Sep 16 2015 16:18
hi, while debugging in the ipdb prompt, I am not able to go back to previous debugger commands. I tried up arrow. Could you tell me how to scroll through commands history in the ipdb prompt?
Sylvain Corlay
Sep 16 2015 17:03
@ellisonbg I was talking about the last item in the top issue description, which I have been keeping up to date.
Carlos Cordoba
Sep 16 2015 19:16
@gitgit137, if you're using qtconsole, there's no way to scroll through history