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Sep 2015
What is the current way to install ipython kernels into jupyter? Is ipython kernelspec install-self still the way to go?
Anton Akhmerov
Sep 19 2015 12:26 UTC
Hi @damianavila; me again asking about slides. What's reason behind the design decision to make a webserver with a reveal redirect as opposed to just a static reveal prefix?
Anton Akhmerov
Sep 19 2015 15:49 UTC
Further digging into nbconvert: is it possible to replace filters to user-defined ones in a command line call? I'm trying to turn off anchors, and they are hard-coded into markdown2html_mistune (see jupyter/nbconvert#37).
Also is there a canonical notebook for testing slides convert?
Jean-Christophe Jaskula
Sep 19 2015 18:47 UTC
Hello, how can I get the notebook directory path? get_ipython().config.NotebookManager['notebook_dir'] doesn't work anymore with IPython 3+
Min RK
Sep 19 2015 20:08 UTC
Kernels don't know about notebooks, so that information isn't available.
That config approach would only work if the notebook dir were set by a config file, and not the command-line, so it's unreliable even when it may have worked.
Sep 19 2015 23:16 UTC
Hi. When attempting to requests.get(anyurl), I keep getting the following Error Message: ('Connection aborted.', error(10013, 'An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions')). Has anyone got this error message, and what did you do to resolve?