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Sep 2015
Andreas Klostermann
Sep 20 2015 10:37 UTC
Is there a good way to handle keypress events inside widgets?
I'm trying to use jquery's keypress and keydown on several elements , but it's not exactly working
Maybe this will help me: ipython/ipython#5925
and it does, indeed...
Damian Avila
Sep 20 2015 13:34 UTC

@akhmerov, the slides need a live webserver to allow some of the features... particularly, the speaker notes (although I have to check if it is not needed for something else) needs the server...

is it possible to replace filters to user-defined ones in a command line call

Probably, but IIRC there is no examples of that right now...

Also is there a canonical notebook for testing slides convert?

There was one in the past but it is probably outdated and not covering all the things we need to check, so we have to define one and put it somewhere...

Anton Akhmerov
Sep 20 2015 13:46 UTC
@damianavila thanks. Where's the old example notebook? Also here's my attempt at a 'bare' slides template:
It follows the same logic as latex/markdown templates by skipping various elements that don't have a meaning.
Ashwin Jeyaseelan
Sep 20 2015 20:13 UTC
I have a question on python
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