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Oct 2015
Nathan Goldbaum
Oct 18 2015 15:47
so this works now:
(uses bitbucket oauth for now)
in particular, the "galaxy_visualization.ipynb" notebook :)
Min RK
Oct 18 2015 21:19
That's awesome
Dave Hirschfeld
Oct 18 2015 23:45

In ipyparallel is there any way to tell how many clients are currently connected to the controller?

The usecase is that we've got limited resources on our grid and sometimes users forget to shutdown their clusters thus blocking use by others. It would be good to be able to query the controller to determine how many people are currently connected to it as most of our cluster usage is still "online" i.e. in a users interactive shell rather than something they'd disconnect from and then reconnect later.

Similarly it would be pretty useful if there were some way we could set the controller to shutdown if no clients were connected (for a period of time) - i.e. it has a refcount of the number of clients connected and when that drops to zero it will trigger a shutdown in 5mins which would be aborted in the case that someone connected in the interim
If there isn't already this ability, at least being able to query the controller for the number of connections would allow us to implement this
The problem with clusters in interactive sessions is that users tent to Ctrl-. to restart their kernel a lot but forget to cleanly shutdown their clusters beforehand