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Oct 2015
Oct 21 2015 14:33
Hi, on IPython 4.0 qtconsole, when I select a number and copy it to the clipboard .. the last digit doesn’t get copied .. i’m now going to update the version to see if it has already been fixed or perhaps is pyqt version issue. If you can check that will be great :)
Min RK
Oct 21 2015 14:34
@epifanio fixed in 4.1
Oct 21 2015 14:35
oh i see, thanks! time to update then
Dave Hirschfeld
Oct 21 2015 21:56
Any mailing list managers here who can see why my mailing list emails (from novin01) aren't getting through?
...and on a related note, is there any chance for the mailing list to move to something more modern (which Just Works) like Google Groups?