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Oct 2015
Remi Rampin
Oct 22 2015 01:47
I can't find the doc for the ipynb format :(
Is there a way to put some extra info inside the ipynb JSON?
Something like this?
And yes, there's a metadata field.
Remi Rampin
Oct 22 2015 02:45
Oh, nice
there is no way for the kernel to record metadata though right?
Anton Akhmerov
Oct 22 2015 02:47
What do you mean?
Remi Rampin
Oct 22 2015 03:03
cells have a metadata field as well
hmm, the execute_reply message has data and metadata fields; these get saved in the cell?
K.-Michael Aye
Oct 22 2015 18:19
which one is loaded first again, or ? is used by ALL ipython apps, so what do I need the kernel one for again?