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Nov 2015
Kevyn-Alexandre Paré
Nov 13 2015 16:33
Hi there first time here! Was playing with Ipython and something stop working as expected... It took me a bit of testing to found out why and I wondering if this is an expected behaviour ot not? Maybe should enter bug later at : But first the code:
There is 2 thing the line that make SyntaxError: is 98 but the display line 92. Second, splitting the string at 94 cause the SyntaxError? Is it expected?
Min RK
Nov 13 2015 19:20
@kapare you've found a bug, feel free to open an Issue.
Here's a smaller snippet of code to reproduce it:
str("bla \
Aaron Watters
Nov 13 2015 20:42
I think I'm seeing a situation where the print output for the current cell is somehow being directed to the output area for a previous cell. The widget mechanism may be involved because the code that seems to cause the effect is related to widgets. Has anybody seen this? Comments?
Aaron Watters
Nov 13 2015 20:47
See -- The print under [In 7] is showing up under [Out 2] (where there is a widget displayed)
Deren Eaton
Nov 13 2015 21:06
I have a Python program that uses ipyparallel and I want to create an informative warning message within the program that will tell users if no ipcluster client is detected to be running. What is the easiest way to catch the RunTimeWarning that is reported?
Arne Skjærholt
Nov 13 2015 21:14
This is probably a pretty basic question, but I can't seem to find an answer in the docs or jupyter --help: While developing a kernel, how do I run the kernel in one process (so that I have easy access to debug print stuff, runtime exceptions in the kernel, etc...) and connect to it in a separate step?