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Nov 2015
Nov 17 2015 00:39
solved. it was the sequence of how i was installing ipykernel (i had it first pip-installed in the anaconda env py3, then pip-installed for system py2) this was causing troubles.. along with python pyzmq built on top of the system-libzmq (needed by irkernel) i had to install pyzmp before having system libzmq3 installed, so setup pip built its own version embedded in site-packages.
Nov 17 2015 00:46
A user reported an error when trying to copy a file to the jupyter/nbextensions directory. He reported the following error to me.
PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/Users/larryengelhardt/Library/Jupyter/nbextensions/jquery-ui.custom.min.js'

The following call is being made in my python package.

notebook.nbextensions.install_nbextension(path = package_dir+"/data/jquery-ui.custom.min.js",overwrite = True,user = True,verbose = 0)

Do you know why there is a PermissionError writing to the Jupyter/nbextensions directory on this MAC system?

Nov 17 2015 06:10
most likely because at some point he used sudo to copy/move files around in his home directory. Recursively chown'ing ~/Library/Jupyter/ back to the user account should fix that issue.
Nov 17 2015 13:44
Changing permissions on the ~/Library/Jupyter/nbextensions folder fixed the problem for the user. Thanks.
Wouldn't it be more useful to have 'run all cells' menu command in the notebook restart the notebook?
I can't think of a single occasion where I would want to rerun an entire notebook, yet persist variables. OTOH, plenty of cases where persistence would be unwanted. e.g. I have x=3; foo(x) -- now I remove the x=3 definition and rerun -- it still works as x persists. But I send the notebook to a colleague, and boum it fails.
Min RK
Nov 17 2015 16:38
@p-i- this is a menu option in current master, and will be released as notebook-4.1.
Arne Skjærholt
Nov 17 2015 18:23
What's the best way of debugging the communication between jupyter-console and my kernel? I'm developing a kernel (in a language other than Python), and the frontend is ignoring my messages, so something is clearly wrong. Either the messages don't reach the frontend, or they're rejected because they're malformed
Is there any plan to integrate the 'table of contents' extension? I find it very useful, but logically it would make much more sense going down the left margin. I wonder if there is any way to make a minimap, like ST3 uses. That would make it much easier to scroll through a notebook. Also if each cell tinted its background depending upon {not yet run, completed successfully, raised error or edited since being run}, you could 'run all' and Watch progress on the minimap, as the cells change colour one by one.