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Nov 2015
Nov 29 2015 02:16
hi, i’m tring to have a python notebook running with both py2 and py3 kernels using a miniml setting with system python
on ubuntu, i installed the dependences with pip then i made a local .deb and installed with dpkg on a clean machine
trying to make a notebook using py2 kernel i got this error
can you help me understanding what is going wrong ?
is it possible that when i built zmq in py3 i didn’t had python2-headers installed .. and now fails? on the pip installed version (no deb) the python2 kernel was working fine
Nov 29 2015 02:22
or maybe is the way I used PYTHONPATH .., seems that’s the problem. trying to fix it now
Nov 29 2015 02:44
had to move installed packages in dist-packages instead of site- so to avoid to mess-up with pythonpath for different python version (weird python doesn’t have a pythonpath variable for every version ...)
Deren Eaton
Nov 29 2015 03:51
I'm getting the following error when I try to build docs on rtd. The crash seems to occur during of ipython-4.0.1. Thanks.
Running ipython-4.0.1/ -q bdist_egg --dist-dir /tmp/easy_install-EIq90V/ipython-4.0.1/egg-dist-tmp-k0LmSS
error: Setup script exited with error in ipython setup command: Invalid environment marker: sys_platform == "darwin" and platform_python_implementation == "CPython"
Haroon Khalid
Nov 29 2015 19:53
Deren Eaton
Nov 29 2015 22:21
I found that reverting to ipython-4.0.0 works for now.