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Dec 2015
Nathan Goldbaum
Dec 14 2015 22:49
i'm not sure whenever anyone in here has the ability to do so, but it might be a good idea to update the ipython freenode channel to point to here or ipython/help in the welcome message
about ~1 person per day comes asking for help on freenode
Brian E. Granger
Dec 14 2015 22:59
@ngoldbaum - do you hang out there and point them this way? If so, thanks!
Nathan Goldbaum
Dec 14 2015 23:02
@ellisonbg yes, usually, if it's something i can answer, but often i can't answer
Nathan Goldbaum
Dec 14 2015 23:13
if someone is interested in getting that set up, you can join #freenode on freenode and try to get op on the ipython channel, I can't since I'm not affiliated with the project