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Dec 2015
Jason Grout
Dec 16 2015 19:27
Can someone remind me how to test the python repos now (especially now that they are split out). For example, I'm trying to run the ipykernel tests
Min RK
Dec 16 2015 20:10
@jasongrout in most cases, it's nosetests packagename. You can check .travis.yml to be sure.
Jason Grout
Dec 16 2015 20:18
okay, thanks.
great; tests work! New PR: ipython/ipykernel#87
Sylvain Corlay
Dec 16 2015 21:03
@ellisonbg we could make a release candidate for traitlets if you don't want to have a real release quite yet.
Brian E. Granger
Dec 16 2015 21:05
I am fine with you and @minrk making that decision
(how is that for delegation :)