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Dec 2015
Dec 27 2015 00:09
i've tried it but I could not use it there, also im more accustomed to sublime and rather prefer its syntax over atom
Safia Abdalla
Dec 27 2015 00:53
@dmdsig: Ah I see! It appears that this is available for Sublime.
Although I am not a Sublime or Atom user, so I can't vouch for it.
Happy to help you get set up though!
Dec 27 2015 02:39
@captainsafia let me see
Dec 27 2015 19:37
For jupyter console config: how does one use InteractiveShellApp.exec_files : List to execute startup scripts automatically? Could it point to scripts in deprecated IPython profiles under the startup directory? Perhaps there is more simple solution. It is not clear from the docs why profiles were eliminated from Jupyter.
Min RK
Dec 27 2015 21:21
IPython profiles aren't deprecated. Startup files continue to be supported in the startup dir, and are generally preferable to exec_files.
It's just that the new jupyter applications (notebook server, other front ends) didn't inherit the concept of profiles. IPython continues to have profiles.