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Jan 2016
Jan 18 2016 18:02
I noticed that the method
jupyter_client.kernelspec.install_kernel_spec(source_dir, kernel_name=None, user=False, replace=False)
doesn't have a prefix argument but it calls
install_kernel_spec(source_dir, kernel_name=None, user=False, replace=None, prefix=None)
which does have a prefix argument. Should the first install_kernel_spec have this prefix argument?
Jan 18 2016 19:09
Hi guys please can someone explain to me what ipython is?
is it any different to normal python?
Anyone here? :(
:worried: :( :( :( :( :(
Min RK
Jan 18 2016 19:23
@jcoady yes, they should match exactly.
@Ajju-Rocks IPython is an interactive environment for Python
Jan 18 2016 19:31

Are you going to fix it in the jupyter_client/

def install_kernel_spec(source_dir, kernel_name=None, user=False, replace=False):
return KernelSpecManager().install_kernel_spec(source_dir, kernel_name,
user, replace)

is missing prefix argument.