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Feb 2016
Feb 15 2016 00:27
trying to debug some pdf printing from the notebook, the following: $LaTeX$ failed with:
.. quick question, i have images rendered by markdown cells, is there any way to have them rendered in the pdf .. when exporting the notebook as pdf ?
i’ve the png available both as static files or as public url, I’m using the standard html syntax to render it: <img src="" style="border:none;max-width:100%;" alt="" width=50%>
David Gasquez
Feb 15 2016 15:04
Hi there, as far as I understand the ipyparallel can run in a single multi-core machine or in a cluster. How do you specify to ipyparallel to use all avaliable cores inside each node in a cluster?
Min RK
Feb 15 2016 15:44
That depends on how you want to use those cores.
If your code is single-threaded, you would start one ipengine per core. If your code is already multi-threaded, you might only start one ipengine per node.
David Gasquez
Feb 15 2016 16:47
@minrk My code is multi-threaded, so, I would like to start several ipengines per node. How can I archive this in a SGE environment?
Min RK
Feb 15 2016 17:05
I think you have that backwards. If your code is multithreaded, you want only one engine per node, because your tasks on that engine will use multiple cores.
David Gasquez
Feb 15 2016 22:22
@minrk let's say I want to process a lot of dataframe rows. Now, I have it with multiprocessing in parallel using multiple cores. My objective is to also scale with computers being able to use threads and nodes seamlessy.
Feb 15 2016 22:43

Cool use for gravitational waves from LIGO: they published an IPython notebook along with the data to explain their analysis and findings (plots, audio WAV files).

Use Binder to bring up Jupyter with that notebook and all the dependencies preloaded, and step through their analysis yourself: (click launch binder)

Thanks @minrk for the advancement of astrophysics!