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Feb 2016
Feb 18 2016 17:10
I was thinking of an IPEP .. and I’d like to ear from you if make sense .. before to add it as issue on github
In my experience as ipython notebook user, I end up in having a large number of “untitled_notebook” in my dashboard ..
will make sense to add an option .. like “close abnd halt” .. which will also “remove / delete” the notebook ?
with a prompt .. are you sure you want delete the notebook_name ..
does it make sense for you?
Thomas Kluyver
Feb 18 2016 18:10
@epifanio that would be a JEP now (J for Jupyter) ;-)
I do also often end up with UntitledN.ipynb files lying around
I'm not convinced that that change would really reduce it, though - I tend to close tabs with Ctrl-W rather than the file menu
Feb 18 2016 18:15
I still need to get used to it .. is like changing name to family member … (i’m not part of the family, just a close friend) ;)